My Jurassic Farm

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Simplistic Simulation for kids

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GAME NAME: My Jurassic Farm




GENRE(S): Simulation

RELEASE DATE(S): June 26, 2014


My Jurassic Farm has a great concept for kids on raising, you guessed it, Dinosaurs.  The game starts out with you having all this land and only one dinosaur to start with, which is a Compsognathus (Can you even say that name?).  The other dinosaurs in the game include a Pteranodon, Parasaurolophus, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Plesiosaurus, Triceratops, Diplodocus, Spinosaurus, and lastly the great Tyrannosaurus Rex.  The game will basically do a mini tutorial explaining how to make money, feed your dino, and to keep them clean and happy.  Think of it as your own Jurassic Park but way more friendlier.


My Jurassic Farm is played with the touch screen and the tv.  The tv seems like it is forced because majority of the time you are looking at the wii pad because there really isn’t any time to look up.  When the game begins, it will tell you the back story but through the tv and not the wii pad, so basically playing this game you will need both the tv and wii pad.  During the back story, the voice over keeps fading up and down to the background music so it gets difficult to hear at times.  The music is catchy and goes good with the game.


You will play the game as a farm keeper of dinosaurs.  You will start with your first dino and try to sell the eggs to make more money.  The more money you make, the easier everything can get.  Eventually you will have to buy enclosures, troughs, and other habitat items to help keep your dinosaurs happy.  With the money though, not only will you buy the habitat items, you will also buy food and more dinosaurs.  Some dinosaurs you can only have a certain number of before having to build an enclosure so you can get more or even gain a certain dinosaur.


In the game, you can adjust the speed of your game up to 65 times the regular speed.  What this will do is make your day go a lot faster but it will also keep you busier.  The eggs and other dinosaur items will come faster, the farm and the dinosaurs will get dirty a lot faster and you can possibly lose your dinosaur or they can get sick quicker.  Once one of them dino’s are sick, the game will automatically slow back down, so you can heal them, feed them and wash them.  Right after you do all the care taking of the dino’s then you will want to clean the land to help keep your prehistoric pets happy.  To feed the dinosaurs you will slide the food on to the dinosaur and to clean them you will just slide the stylus back and forth over your dino til you see them sparkling with big yellow clean stars.  That is all there really is to this game, it isn’t much but it is definitely made for the younger kids in the gaming community so it doesn’t really need to be much more.

The Recommendation

Young kids will get a kick out of this game and maybe learn somethings from it as well, like caring for another life and earning/spending money.  The graphics are pretty decent even though it is nothing next gen.  The music is somewhat catchy and goes good with the game.  The game is pretty addicting because as you are playing it, you don’t realize the time passing by because you are close to getting something or you just want to make sure your dino’s are clean and up kept.  It is definitely a game i would recommend for like 6-12 year olds.


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