Mutant Mudds Super Challenge 3D

8.5 Overall Score
Music: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Difficulty: 7/10

Its Fun|Plenty of stages|Art and Music|Lots of hidden stuff

Its Hard|You will Die|

It’s hard to know exactly where to begin with Mutant Mudds Super Challenge 3D. It’s a game I want to recommend to as many people as possible because I believe in supporting Indie developers on Nintendo platforms and I feel like the game itself is very well made. Yet one of the things that I know is a highlight too many players of this type of genre is one of the reasons why I probably will never land up beating this game. It’s hard but it’s not just hard it’s difficult it’s precise it’s a game that test your skills, your patience, and your ability. Mutant Mudds demands that you try again it demands that you die before you’ll be able to move on, it’s a game that’s well-crafted well-tuned and made for one reason to put you to the test and whether or not you’re willing to take that test is going to depend on if you enjoy dying in video games a lot!


One of the nice things about Mutant Mudds is that it allows you to take the game at your own pace and even though that that place is going to be ended with lots and lots of deaths at least you can choose which level you want to die at first. The game begins with first few levels separated into zones, and there are four zones with four stage and then after the stages are beaten 100% there is a 5th stage that will open, this is a boss stage. There are 20 levels that are ready for you to jump into at any given time. Each stage of has a certain objective that needs to be beaten to be able to 100% any certain stage. Players will need to be able to collect  all of the coins beat the stage and then also collect all of the coins inside of the Gameboy or Virtual Boy theme stages that are inside of the level, and beat them as well. After all that is done five more stages will open in a new 5th zone. There are plenty of stages that keep this game around for a long time. It’s easy to pull out the 3DS and jump into a game then close it and move on.

Players will be able to pick between three different power ups at any given time before entering a stage.  one that allows more powerful shots, one that allows you to jump straight up very very high, and one that allows you to hover longer with your jets. Players will need to be able to switch between all three of these because in each one of the levels the only way to  access some of the Gameboy or Virtual Boy themed stages will have a barrier, above in hard to jump to platforms, or hover for an extended amount of time to make it over to an entryway.


The pixel art style is absolutely beautiful and you can tell that the developer has been doing this sort of style for a very long time. It’s completely mastered the ability of creating illusions with both color and depth. The ability to create a unique enemy out of a very small pallet of both color and design Everything feels unique and organic, each stage has its own unique feel and design. Nothing feel like being overused and if there’s a spot in a level that’s being used again they have found a way to keep it feeling different than before.

Gameplay is crafted in a way that is so precise that when players die or mess up as will, many many times. It’s really not the game’s fault it’s The players fault for not being good enough. Yet with patience and practice Players will be able to master certain elements that they were unable to do before; such as quick jumps that you have to the immediately turn on your jets so that you’re able to hover over a few spikes but not hit the ones above you, or even kill an enemy before they have a chance to fire back.


The sound and music of Mutant Mudds is so good that players will wanna play with headphones. The music and art are two of the few things that will not make players want to throw the 3DS to the wall.The music is catchy and upbeat it has a playfulness to it and as well crafted and created, feels right at home with this game. The sound effects also fill in-place and are appropriate for the themes and worlds that they are in. The benefit of playing with headphones is that if the game does get you to the point that you want to throw your  Nintendo 3DS against the wall the cord should at least stop the 3DS from hitting the wall and breaking.

The game is so hard that it will makes me want to destroy the system, it’s so pretty that it makes me want to keep trying, it’s so forgiving that at least it gives you check points and that’s about the only thing I can say positive when it comes to the difficulty of the game. I wish at certain points the game actually had shorter levels. If they were only as long as it would take me to get to the checkpoint then that would relieve a bit of stress and difficulty for me. I know this is personal preference and something that others would not like, but it is something that I would have preferred are shorter levels. When it comes to difficulty is really hard to gauge what is hard for one player that might not be hard for another.I enjoy do stages and this gives me a better understanding why even though Mario maker is a wonderful tool and it will hopefully help nurture somebody’s creative nature. It’s very difficult to create a stage that is both difficult and fun to play and even though Mutant Mudds is an extremely difficult game,the stages are still very well made and are fair because the majority of time if there is a death it’s the player’s own fault.
How do I recommend a game that I know that I myself will never completely beat, I’ll never hundred percent this game. how do I recommend a game that kicks my butt. Well I ask you what is it about games that you enjoy; do you like to lose over and over, only to get better, do you want to be pushed to the point that you’re going to break, but you say “I will not break I will only be bent”. I’m here to tell you that I was broken and I’m still working my way though. For I know that the window is going to be closing for me, eventually this game will no longer get my attention because I know that entering into this game is only asking me to die. If you enjoy the difficulty of games, this is a game that is meant for you to play and I highly recommend it for somebody that is ready for a challenge and wants to be to be put to a test.



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