Lego Marvel Super Heroes

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 9/10

155 characters | Good Story

Simple puzzles | Some Glitching

Game Info

GAME NAME: Lego Marvel Super Heroes


PUBLISHER(S): Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

PLATFORM(S): PS Vita, 3DS, DS, Wii U, PS3, PC, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One

GENRE(S): Action/Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): October 22, 2013


There are a ton of Lego games made from Lego Star Wars to Lego Lord of the Rings and even to Lego Batman, which made it inevitable they were gonna make a game based on Marvel characters as well.  As most Lego games are played, Lego Marvel is the same way.  There are a few characters that can be used during the story mode with different abilities to help you reach your goal of getting to the end of the level.  Just like previous installments, unlocking everything in the first play through is completely impossible to which you will have to wait til certain characters are unlocked and replay in free play mode.  The cool thing with the characters in the game are that most have more than one ability, like Thor and Storm both can use lightning but Storm can put out fires with her hovering and Thor can use Mjölnir to beat down the baddies.  Which also leads to the amount of characters that are in this game.  It is almost overwhelming how many characters you can choose from.  There’s the avengers, the fantastic four, majority of the x-men, Howard the duck (that’s right), Spider-man and even one of my favorites Deadpool with his awesome sarcasm.  There is a problem with choosing characters though that I can definitely do without and that’s the multiple versions of the same character, like Iron Man, because if you don’t want the Mark 42 suit then you have to wait for it to rotate on its own to get the Mark 6 suit.  It either goes to fast if you aren’t aware when the suit is about to flash up or to slow flipping through the various choices.


The gameplay is just like every other Lego game.  I don’t mean to make it sound bad but it is not anything new or that much different.  There are points in the game that slow down and glitch and is noticeable but I don’t feel there was enough to take away from the game.  Just like in Batman, fire can take out the gold, explosives take out the silver and so on and so forth.  There is a new ability in the game to find hidden bricks to pull, you can use Spider-man’s “spider sense” and it will reveal where the bricks are.  The strategy to solving the puzzles in this game seemed much easier to me this time around compared to all the other Lego games.  The open world part of the game is huge and pretty cool with all the characters to find and unlock to the races to helping the citizens with problems.  There are also little mini levels in the open world that you can play that will also unlock more characters.  Not only can you run around the big apple but you can also play around on the helicarrier and do the few mini missions that are up there as well.


The story mode of the game was pretty good.  You are trying to collect the cosmic bricks before the villains do.  You will start off as Iron Man and Hulk going forward through the level and Spider-man will join your group and now you will be able to switch off from two heroes to three heroes now.  I don’t wanna give away the final battle boss, which I am sure there are some Marvel fanatics that will probably figure it out, but I will say this:  TT Games did an awesome job on how to defeat him.  You will be a mix of super heroes and villains for the end battle.  The game, just like all others, has its fair share of humor and of course with the great Stan Lee lending his voice as himself and Clark Gregg Continues to be agent Phil Coulson, makes it all that much funnier, especially when Deadpool throws in his 2 cents.


Just like the rest of the games you have to collect 250 gold bricks, save 50 different Stan Lee’s, find 11 red bricks known as Deadpool bricks, get True Believer in all 26 levels, and collect 150 mini-kits.  There are 12 custom characters that can be saved at a time.  The custom characters are different from the past thought because you can pick and choose what parts you want on your character but you can also choose what abilities, such as super strength or flying, that you want your character to have and also add Captain America’s shield or Wolverine’s claws with someone else’s mask or helmet.  It seems like they put more effort into the custom character build but to be honest I usually stick to the characters that are provided in the game.


Marvel Super Heroes is an awesome game but is not made for gamer’s, it’s more for the younger kids.  So if you are looking for crazy fights and puzzles that will blow your mind, then this isn’t that game.   What this game is for having fun and getting to play as characters that you love most in the Marvel universe.  Also, to make note, the Wii U version of multiplayer play is better than the other consoles because you don’t have to deal with that pesky split screen.  The first player will use the game pad and the second player will get the television screen.  The 155 playable characters, not including DLC characters, make it to where you have a plethora of choices as to who you can be, so it should never get old trying out a different character.  Now, scrolling through that many characters isn’t fun especially waiting for the variant character you want to use.  I recommend this game for younger kids as I would any other Lego game but I also recommend this game to the other game player types as well because sometimes it is nice to play a game for fun.  It isn’t anything special but is definitely a game my 4 year old will NOT put down.  Also to note, I assume the only reason Ultron isn’t in the game, and this is just speculation, but they maybe saving him for the next game since he is the villain in the next Avenger’s movie.

**Review Based on Wii U Version


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