8.5 Overall Score
Graphics: 9/10
Gameplay: 9/10
Sound: 8/10

Fun gameplay|Endless amount of zombies

Not an original idea

Game Info

GAME NAME: #killallzombies

DEVELOPER(S): BeatShapers


PLATFORM(S): PlayStation 4

GENRE(S): Action

RELEASE DATE(S): October 28th, 2010

When I first got #killallzombies I was excited because I am a big zombie fan and let me tell you, this game did not disappoint.  BeatShapers created something so simple and yet made it  challenging and and at the same time a very enjoyable game that you will get lost in.  In #killallzombies,  you run around in a hexagon arena where you encounter wave after wave of zombies.  Even though it takes elements from the other games its still a fun game to play.


In this top down shooter survival horror game (yes, that was a mouth full) players are tasked with running around in arena type level where endless amounts of zombies are there for you to make quick work of.  There are a variety of weapons that you can choose to be your start off gun but while in the game you can change out your weapon type to adapt to your play style.  There are random events that happen in the game that will either help you or hinder you, you just have to learn to use it to your advantage.  There are random cars  and some parts of the arena that will rise unexpectedly to block your path or block the zombies path that also help to increase the difficulty.  You will receive power ups while playing that you can use to help you get your high score.  The power ups will also help in times where your screen will be flooded with zombies and its nice to get that help every now and again to aid you in lasting longer in the game.

Unfortunately, there is no story to the game which is fine because it is still a very fun game to play.  You can also Twitch the game and have the audience decide what crazy events happen and make things difficult or it can hinder you.  For example, the audience can vote on either giving you the ability to run faster in the game or slow down your movement but upgrade your damage.  It is a truly interactive experience with the audience. There is a multiplayer function in the game as well but when I received the game it wasn’t available yet but with how crazy how things are even with the single player I can only imagine how great it will be how good it will be to kill some zombies with your friends.

The graphics in the game really good for an arcade game and I found it surprising that the game was able to keep up with how many zombies there were on the screen at once.  Even with some the power ups that can nuke all the zombies around you and there is nothing left but scattered bodies and blood on the floor of the arena, it still looks really good and at times runs better than some bigger triple A titles out there. The sound is okay and nothing that really stands out over the gargling sounds of wave after wave of zombies coming after you.



The Recommendation

If you are a fan of zombies and want to lose yourself for a while and take out wave after wave of zombies then I really suggest you should check this out.  Even if your not a really big gamer but you think you might want to try it out, it is really easy to control and a lot of fun and with the developers hinting at new bosses and multiplayer that is coming soon I am really excited to see those come out and so I can try those out.  This is a worthy edition to your PSN library.



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