Johnny Dynamite

5.0 Overall Score
Graphics: 5/10
Sound: 5/10
Gameplay: 5/10

Small Levels | Simple Controls

Music | Over Way to Fast | Nothing Online

Game Info

GAME NAME: Johnny Dynamite


PUBLISHER(S): Enjoy Gaming LTD

PLATFORM(S): Nintendo 3DS

GENRE(S): Puzzle

RELEASE DATE(S): May 7th, 2015


Boom goes the Dynamite

Johnny Dynamite was released on the Nintendo 3DS on May 7th of 2015, The game seems to drew inspiration from games of old that are built on high replayability with simple controls and small levels that try and to keep players coming back by offering the reward of better times. Yet there is very little reason to replay a level or even try for the best time. This is one game that might not ever need to lite.

Hurry Up

There are two modes for Johnny Dynamite: Story mode and Create Mode. While it may be called Story Mode there is nothing of a story during the stages of play, just 54 stages from start to finish that never really get and more difficult. All stages have one to three stages that are possible to earn, speed is the only way to get all the stars. The faster the level is beat will earn more or less, but there is not really a reason to beat the stage faster and get three stars, there is no required star amount to move on to the next stage and nothing is unlocked with the more stars that are earned.


In Create Mode, the game allows for most any idea to be used and played out, with all the items from the main game, this is a nice feature to have in a game like this. The stages are built to be played fast and can be created quick. The only way to share the levels is by sharing and scanning QR codes, there is no online connectivity throughout the game at all.


Tick Tick BOOOM!!!!

There are many little things that add up to being big problems; there is no online interactions, there are no leaderboards, the stars are not used, the only way to share created levels is by QR. Johnny Dynamite makes it hard to like Johnny Dynamite. During the game to beat a stage the player must collect all the Dynamite sticks in a stage before the timer runs out, but if there are enemies, the only way to defeat a foe is by “Throwing Dynamite Sticks.” So why is Johnny collecting the sticks if he is just willing to throw them away?


The Recommendation

There is really nothing special about this game, if anything it feels like a smartphone game that would get lost in the shuffle of anything else that is out at the time. With only 54 stages and no reason to replay any stage to get a better score, the game is over in under an hour. There might be a reason to go back and play user created levels but it would be harder to find someone to make a stage then it would be worth to turn the game on. The music is good the first time it’s heard, but gets old fast and just starts to grind on the eras to the point of turning off the sound completely. Johnny Dynamite may have wanted to blow up, but it turns out it’s just a dud.



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