Gunman Clive HD Collection

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 7/10

Just as Good as the Portable Version | Art Style

Short | Meh Soundtrack

Game Info

GAME NAME: Gunman Clive HD Collection

DEVELOPER(S): Hörberg Productions

PUBLISHER(S): Hörberg Productions

PLATFORM(S): Nintendo Wii U

GENRE(S): Action

RELEASE DATE(S): September 3rd, 2015

Back in early 2013 when Gunman Clive was originally released on the Nintendo 3DS my attention was immediately captured with the unique art style, homage to Mega Man, and of course the $1.99 price tag helped as well.  The second game from Hörberg Productions hit the portable system first as well and came with even more excitement and intrigue then the original.  I’m glad to say that each exceeded my expectations when they were released.  Well with these two titles ranking high in my overall indie purchases, I was really stoked when the HD Collection was announced for the Wii U!


The story is one we have all seen time and time again, the hero, in this case Clive, must set forth and rescue his damsel in distress.  In the first title it really sticks to the core Mega Man elements of shooting and platforming, but in the second title we start to see the developer open the playbook in terms of different gameplay ideas.  Not only does the story not revolve around a damsel but it has you tracking down an eight-legged mechanic spider enemy robot!

You will also be taking combat behind an older style plane and playing a la Star Fox.  Other gameplay mechanics are brought in that immediately reminded me of Rare’s classic Donkey Kong Country series as well such as a mine cart level and also areas where you are riding on animals like a dinosaur or panda.  Nothing ever feels out of place in the silly story and all of the added gameplay elements work wonders in breaking up the level monotony.  The core gameplay levels like I had mentioned previously are highly based off of a Mega Man or Contra 2D based action shooting title.  The levels are broken down into a few different segments and culminate in a boss fight.


The boss fights are yet again reminiscent of the Mega Man style with the exception that you won’t be receiving power-ups from them after you destroy them.  The bosses are clever and feel like there is just the right difficulty to challenge you but not frustrate you.  There are some unlockable characters to play as but none really make the controls or game feel much different.

Gunman Clive still has the same graphical charm that it had on the Nintendo 3DS but now with just a big screen HD polish.  The art style looks gorgeous and the designer makes you feel like you are really playing through a sketch flip book.  The soundtrack has some nice western and electric sounding tunes, but nothing that I would say is memorable or ground breaking.

The Recommendation

This is a very easy recommendation for me.  I would say if you like video games that were pre-3D, then don’t miss out on this title.  The price is really low at $3.99 and it is a well thrown together game, not to mention you get two games in this bundle. Stop reading this and go pick up Gunman Clive now!




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