Goodbye Deponia

9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 9/10

Excellent Story | Great voice acting & Art | Great Music

Puzzles can be that really bad though?

Game Info

GAME NAME: Goodbye Deponia

DEVELOPER(S): Daedalic Entertainment

PUBLISHER(S): Daedalic Entertainment


GENRE(S): Puzzled-based Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): October 18, 2013


I jumped in for a fellow writer and took a leap head first into the adventure of Goodbye Deponia. Deponia is a trilogy and Goodbye Deponia is the third in the series. After playing Goodbye Deponia you better believe I’m going back to play the first two so I can make a series review, so keep an eye out for that. I was pleasantly surprised by the mass amount of personality this game has. I won’t write any story spoilers so don’t worry.

RufusYou play as Rufus our anti-hero that you can’t help but love. Rufus is somewhat of a talented tinkerer and inventor with mass amounts of personality. His disregard for danger, love of himself and his habit of finding trouble around every corner help to make this story quite interesting. Saving Deponia is right within reach of Rufus and Goal. Things are never quite as easy as they sound though. Rufus, a person who always knows what’s best actually discovers self-doubt. You see personality growth as Rufus walks through a story of self discovery, trials and mass chaos as he tries and save all of Deponia.

If you haven’t experienced the world of Deponia before or know what kind of game it is, it’s a point and click puzzle based hand-drawn 2D comic adventure. Not just any point and click adventure though so don’t you scoff, I heard that. This is a game with personality, style, intellegent humor, dark humor and some challenging puzzles along the way. Top that off with an excellent story line, unique and hilarious narrative music and you have yourself an extremely fun adventure.


Controls are very basic as the very entertaining tutorial points out. You point and click to make your character walk around. Left click to pick items up and interact with them and right click objects to view them. To pull up inventory just scroll your mouse wheel, this is a new feature and is extremely useful. The old feature of the floating inventory exists but trust me use the new system it’s quite handy. Once you’re in the inventory screen you can see what items you have and even combine items to help solve puzzles. To combine items just click on an item and click on another item and it will combine. The game is great at letting you know when you’re doing something wrong so you can experiment and get creative which is awesome. For those with a little less patience if you push down the scroll wheel you can see all the interactive elements in the area. I did not like using the hints because I like to explore and there is a lot to explore in this game. You’ll get sucked into the level illustration and click everything. If you are an impatient ninny and use the hint feature then I stare at you with shame as you are missing out on the joys of exploration and admiring the fine art in front of you.


Speaking of art. Goodbye Deponia has beautiful hand drawn art. You can tell that Daedalic Entertainment put a lot of effort and care into their Deponia franchise. Every detail pulls you into the world and makes you want to constantly see more, interact with objects and experience everything around you. You know when people ask you if you could live in any video game world which would it be? Don’t people ask you that too? I would say Deponia because its stunning and everyone is charming…for the most part.


The unique scores and songs in Goodbye Deponia fits perfectly. It gives the necessary vibes during critical moments and never distracts from gameplay. In fact the music pulls you in and actually enhances the story as the musical narrator takes you through chapters of the game and explains what’s happening. Check out the music example below, you’ll see what I mean.

If you are someone like me who appreciates excellent stories, great music and art within games I would recommend Goodbye Deponia. The witty dialogue and crafty puzzles will make you laugh, curse and will bring hours of entertainment. The story is very easy to get into and having no prior experience it was a blast, it had me hooked right into the world. Daedalic Entertainment did an excellent job with this game and I most definitely recommend it and remember, Huzzah good things come in threes.




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