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DEVELOPER(S): Pablo R. Millan

PUBLISHER(S): Andraconus

PLATFORM(S): Nintendo Wii U

GENRE(S): Puzzle

RELEASE DATE(S): June 19th, 2014

The Wii U has been getting a lot of eShop love lately and indie developers are making full on use of the gamepad.  In GEOM, players will make use of the touchscreen in a few different methods and it makes the game have a similar feel to Blok Drop U.


GEOM is split up into 3 different game types.  In the first you are required to make strings of shapes together in a line by switching neighboring blocks.  If you string together moons or suns you get bonus points (this is a reoccurring theme in all of the game modes). You can choose from 3 different time limits: 2, 5 or 10 to try and rack up the highest score possible.  You can then use the Miiverse to post your scores online.

In the second game type you are having to clear out the blocks by tapping the shape that is show in the upper left corner.  Moons and Suns can be tapped out whenever possible and as you progress further, the more blocks and shapes are added to the fray.


In the final mode, you have to tap blocks as they are falling across the screen. Again, the moons and suns are bonus points as well as the shape that is show in the corner again.  The tapping sometimes feels off, especially on the faster moving blocks, but not enough from making GEOM feel unplayable.

The graphics go for a simplistic look and work for what is being accomplished.  GEOM, like Color Zen or Blok Drop U, is basically a game that will be played with the touchscreen on the gamepad primarily, thus making the TV screen almost like a monitor so anyone in the same room as you can experience the game too and is other then that completely useless.  The music gets repetitive after a while but isn’t a deal-breaker and it doesn’t have the same appeal as some music that I’ve heard in other puzzle games.


The Recommendation

For one dollar there sure are a lot worse things I could spend my money on.  This game has some fun concepts and the Miiverse makes sharing your high scores something that will keep you coming back to play this game over and over.  Puzzle fans really shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get their hands on this cheap but entertaining game.




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