Flowerworks HD: Follie’s Adventure

6.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 7/10

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Game Info

GAME NAME: Flowerworks HD: Follie’s Adventure

DEVELOPER(S): Nocturnal Entertainment

PUBLISHER(S): Nocturnal Entertainment

PLATFORM(S): eShop, Wii U

GENRE(S): Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): April 17, 2014

  Flowerworks begins with your character wanting to leave her planet because there wasn’t enough room to grow a decent flower garden.  While in space, the ship mysteriously malfunctions and you crash land on an unknown land.  Upon crash landing, all of Follie’s flower seeds scattered throughout the land of Elilia.  The opening screen of the game will show you several options to choose from: Adventure mode, Quick play, tutorial, and about.  The about option is just the credits and tutorial is just like every other game, it walks you through how to play the game. 9E12DetvGcECAzk2FK9ljnqw5ILnOwLI The quick play option does just that, it will take you straight to the game.  It will begin with you choosing the difficulty preferred to play and then the seeds will be planted.  Keep trying to pollinate the flowers as fast as possible while trying to hit other particles of pollen and bubbles that can be created and earn more points for each additional item hit.  The faster and the more you can do the longer you can keep your flower going so you can earn more points. -xoO9_wuTIBSx7h9f1GKRiR8V1YCyiSK The Adventure mode is the story of why you are on the planet of Elilia.  The level is a free roaming map that you have to move around and collect your lost seeds, coins, and get around to the next levels.  The levels all have a star rating system on how well you do in the level.  You can earn up to 5 stars per level depending on how many points you have earned.  The points needed to achieve your stars vary depending on how many flowers there are on the level.  The free roaming world is dark and dingy when you first start the game.  Once you finish a level, depending on your star rating, the free roaming world will become prettier around the area that you just completed.  The flowers, trees, and plants will look much livelier and brighter. rtWyVrcE2YSXsRgrU97erC0Ky_F2I1Ua The game play is somewhat good and somewhat bad.  Basically you will only use the L and R buttons, the ZR or ZL, and the d-pad or the touch screen.  Holding the bumper buttons while trying to pull the trigger button is pretty difficult and should have been thought out differently.  The free roaming world of Elilia has some nice looking graphics, with the bright colors but the water looks a little behind organically to the rest of the land.  The background of the levels look amazing, they look like life-like paintings or even photos of real clouds and trees.  The music fits very well with the game and changes to the levels themselves.  If you have defeated a level then the music is happy and light hearted and if you haven’t beaten the level then the music sounds a little more mysterious being you haven’t charted the lands. KJU79lQi3m4XqBrzmxX9Gf-Uuq5mdXZZ The Recommendation The controls are pretty frustrating trying to hold the bumper buttons and pressing the trigger buttons at the same time.  Moving around in the free roaming land is pretty brothersome being that I could not move diagonally and I know it’s not really a big thing but it gets annoying after a bit.  I loved the graphics of the level, they were phenomenal considering the graphics of the free roaming world was not up to the same degree.  I also think that if you put a level difficulty on easy it should be easy.  I put it on every difficulty and it just seems really hard regardless.  I will say this, it is somewhat addicting but at the same time very frustrating.  If you want a complete challenge then get it but if not then check out something else. **NOTE**  Flowerworks HD is on sale for $3.50 USD from the regular price of $6.00 USD until mid May.


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