Fist of Awesome

8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 8/10

Excellent Story | Great Music | Very Fun | Punching Bears

Lack of item pickups or weapons | We want more

Game Info

GAME NAME: Fist of Awesome

DEVELOPER(S): I Fight Bears

PUBLISHER(S): I Fight Bears

PLATFORM(S): PC (Reviewed),Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, OUYA

RELEASE DATE(S): July 3, 2014

What’s better than punching a bear in the mouth? Well, that would be punching two bears in the mouth. The development shop I Fight Bears presents a game that will give you chills, it’s called FIST OF AWESOME. A quick overview is what would happen if bears were to take over the earth? Well this game is a truly epic tale of Tim Burr a lumberjack that will save humanity by punching bears in the face.


Let’s get the formal review things out of the way. In terms of graphics this is your retro pixel graphics game, which looks nice and sends a chill of nostalgia down your spine. If you liked games like Double Dragon, Streets of Rage and Final Fight then you will quickly understand the concept of this game and will enjoy it. FISTS OF AWESOME is definitely your standard side scrolling brawler game with RPG elements. Now the only constructive feedback I have is that there are no items to pick up. I would have loved to pick up baseball bats, chains, knives or even mailboxes. Really any fun things that will help bears know who the boss really is.


In terms of controls you can punch, kick, jump kick, and do a couple special moves, the TIMBER upper cut and FIST special punch. Both of which sound awesome when executing those moves. The RPG elements come in when you start massacring a lot of bears. Tim will level up and you can spend level points on a variety of upgrades from Power, Health, Speed, and Special abilities. These will come in handy later on in the game so spend them wisely and strategically.

The sound is excellent as well. I do swear, I hear Nicoll or someone on his team making punching noises with their mouth because they sound that great. The sound effects will make you laugh as you hear the bears take a beating. The music is great as well. Its pretty much kickass chip tune music. The music gives the game a fun vibe, will make you nod your head while you are playing and will be stuck in your head after you’re done playing. The soundtrack is done by Brendan Ratliff and you can listen and/or buy the track at


My favorite part of FISTS OF AWESOME is the story. The story by far is the most in depth for an indie game I’ve played. It’s a very rich plot that weaves a tapestry of story-line all over your face.  I don’t want to spoil the actual story about how the bears rose to monumental power but I will say it’s one you’ll want to see and will give you incentive to diminish the ranks of the bear-tatership.

The Recommendation

If you haven’t noticed from all the positive things I have said above, please check out Fist of Awesome. This game has a high amount of replay value and if you enjoy retro brawler games with witty humor you’ll love this. For the price of $7.99 on PC you really can’t go wrong.



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