Dance Central

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8/10

Great Party Game | Good Soundtrack

Limited Multiplayer

Game Info

GAME NAME: Dance Central

DEVELOPER(S): Harmonix

PUBLISHER(S): MTV Games/Microsoft Game Studios

PLATFORM(S): Xbox 360

GENRE(S): Music/Dance

RELEASE DATE(S): Novermber 4th, 2010

Dance Central is the first real dance game experience that is fun, social and for everyone and is exclusively for Kinect for Xbox 360.  Brought to you by Harmonix, the developers who created Rock Band and many other music games we all know and love.  Dance Central is the first immerse dance video game that features and tracks full-body dance moves.  Completely free from any controller, every routine has choreography and authentic routines for beginners and even experts.   It even has an awesome soundtrack filled the latest and greatest from Hip hop and R&B.  Learn the dance moves with break it down mode and give it your all when you perform it or if you think you got sweeter moves than your friend go into the dance battle.  You won’t just learn dance moves, you’ll own the dance floor.


Dance Central has over 30 songs on the disc and that’s not including over 20 downloadable songs you can purchase on Xbox Live.  The game doesn’t have a story so its just dancing and having a good time and the characters you play as just seem like a very confident crew of people that travel around the city showing that they love to funk. Although characters and their looks are not all that important in this particular party game, the models and animations look great, which makes it easier to follow their moves even though they may dance and look kind of goofy. For those who are uncomfortable dancing there is a break it down mode where it goes through each move in that particular song one by one so you won’t feel lost when you perform it.  Break it down even has a feature where it actually slows everything down so that you can make sure you are doing the moves correctly.

Dance Central is the best and most realistic dance game I have ever played because you are not just flailing your arms or doing improvised moves that you made up, you actually have to mimic the moves in the game in order to get the highest score.  When you select a song and are about to dance there are these flash cards that will flow up the screen which will have all the dance moves, players have to follow the cards and the dancer to get a star rating and your score will be put on a leaderboard so you can see how you rank up to your friend.  Now there is multiplayer in the game but it is only in local dance battle, where you perform a section of a song and then your friend performs the same section and try’s to out dance you.  When your not in a dance battle, you can still play with another person but it doesn’t give your friend a score.  Also for all you calorie watchers out there, there is a workout mode that keeps track of the burnt calories as you play. Kinect will read your body very well but there are times when you know that you did a move perfectly and the camera didn’t register it. Other than a few miscues this game is the game to get if you have Kinect hands down.


Overall, Dance Central is in my opinion the best dance game out so far.  It’s a great party game that you will have a lot of fun playing.  If your looking for a great Kinect game at launch or you have just purchased your Kinect this is the game to get.  Unfortunately there is no career mode or even a better multiplayer and the fact every song is unlocked in the beginning means the longevity of the game will have to depend on you weather or not you want to master each song on the highest difficulty.  And if you spend some time and mastering every move you might be able to take your moves to the real life dance floor.


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