Cube Creator 3D

7.0 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 7/10
Gameplay: 7/10

Minecraft-like | AddictingGgameplay | Building like Legos

Very Small worlds | Hard to know what materials are needed | Lacks Depth


Where to start, the first and easiest thing to say about Cube Creator 3D is how much it’s like Minecraft. There are lots of ideas taken right from Minecraft; the overall feel, the graphical style, blocks that are used like LEGOs, weapons, and tools. The game is one I would like to known as, Minecraft-like. While there are many ideas that are shared there is a few ideas of its own that I think are both worth mentioning and I hope to see future updates to take these ideas further than even Minecraft ever took them.

Cube Creator 3D has two modes of play; Survival mode where players need to fight monster in order to stay alive, and there is also Creative Mode where player have all the blocks they could ever dream of to build anything to their minds can think of. Both modes are just like in Minecraft and offer different options on how to play the game overall.

If all players want to do is build giant statues or mansion, then the Creative Mode is where players will want to spend the most of their time. There is nothing in the Creative Mode that can hurt players, this mode is all out building, it’s like using LEGOs and feels just as good as Minecraft other than the lack of tools or other fun things to do. There is no TNT and the overall amount of blocks are very basic. Still with some limitation there are still lots of things to make and Miiverse has already had a great amount of awesome user creative structures.


Now if there is a bit of adventure in your soul, and you would like to fight for the chance to build a home, then Survival Mode is where you will find the Challenge that your heart craves. This is where I spent the most of the time in my playthrough, punching trees and diggings holes looking for gold and diamonds to help my tools and to build better armor.


There are a few animals that will wander around, some will fight back such as the bear, other will just run away like the cow. Both will drop meat that can be cooked with fire to make food that will regain health. Other than the animals are are the monster that will be around during the day and night. there are ghosts and cyclopes both will drop useful items like mana that is needed to build a world portal to visit other areas to find more items. There are lots of things to do, and thats what makes this and Minecraft work so well, one things leads into another things and they keep adding up to do more. First punch a tree to get wood, then make wood in to axe so you can cut trees down faster. The game can get addicting with all there is to do.

There is no story of any kind, no missions of any kind and that’s kind of disappointing. Players have to create a reason to play the game, and while that can be fun it would have been nice to see a goal of some kind to work towards.

The game with the New Nintendo 3DS works great having the C-Stick has been great to use for camera control and without this the game would not play as well as it does, if players are only using the buttons to move the camera, good luck. The touch screen has a simple use that helps to display the player’s inventory and while this works fine there is nothing like a map. It seems like it would have been possible to let players make their own map on the bottom screen as to find their house fast. Its also hard to know what materials are needed to build some of the items.

The Recommendation

Cube Creator 3D is a great deal of fun but feels empty overall, there is just no meat to the game. I would be awesome to see a game like this with the crafting ideas with a more thought out story or goal, maybe a dungeon or two



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