Coaster Crazy Deluxe

5.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 5/10

Interesting Challenges | Colorful Characters

No sound on wii pad | No plot

Game Info

GAME NAME: Coaster Crazy Deluxe

DEVELOPER(S): Frontier Developments

PUBLISHER(S): Frontier Developments


GENRE(S): Puzzle, Simulation

RELEASE DATE(S): Nov. 21, 2013


Coaster Crazy Deluxe is a game that is a time killer and for hardcore gamers isn’t extremely exciting.  The few fun and interesting things that are possible to do can get pretty redundant pretty quickly.  There really is no plot to the game except to build roller coasters that will quench the thirst of the “crazies.”  The “crazies” are the characters in the game which range from an alien to a zombie.  Before you begin the creation of your roller coasters, some of the “crazies” will have challenges for you to reach in building the coaster to their specific desire.  In succeeding their challenges you can gain more experience and earn more cash.  The higher the experience the more special attachments for your coasters or scenery will be unlocked for you to purchase and more levels will be unlocked for you to purchase as well.


The game shows the levels by different lands on a globe.  The levels that can be played and unlocked include Australia, west coast America, Africa, the Arctic, and even on a cruise ship.  The inside the levels there are several spots that you will create your coaster that are set up in a pie chart shape.  Once you start the building process, you can choose which kind of coaster that the “crazies” can ride on to the amount of loops, twists, turns, speed ups and slow downs.  Be careful on how you do that though, because sometimes too sharp of a turn can make your riders eject out of the carts.  Also, while building your track of awesomeness, you can add scenery too which can be incorporated into your track as well but again, if its too close to the track, the riders will be either ejected or will crash into the obstacle.


The game can be played either on the television screen or on the Wii pad.  Playing on the t.v. can be interesting because once the roller coaster begins, you can use the Wii pad and look around as if you are on the coaster yourself.  It can get dizzying though due to the fast motions.  As your riders get on the ride, you can shake the Wii pad and they will throw up over the side, which is gross but adds some gruesome humor to it, but don’t over shake or you will send your riders flying off the ride.  Playing on the Wii pad is fine too except that the music and most of the sound effects do not play through the speakers.


I liked the game but it gets really repetitive and boring pretty quickly.  I prefer playing this game through the Wii pad but I also prefer music and sound effects with my game so I either have to play it on the T.V. to get the full effects or lose out.  The game has some pretty colorful characters and scenery.   The graphics are pretty clean and glitch free while the coaster is on the move, whether you are watching it from 3rd person, 1st person or from the aerial view. If you are a roller-coaster fanatic or need a game for your child this is worth checking out.  I did enjoy the game but I found myself getting bored with it quickly and so I guess you could say it isn’t quite that crazy.




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