CastleStorm: From Outcast to Savior

8.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 8/10

Good Amount of Content for the Price

Not Enough

Game Info

GAME NAME: CastleStorm: From Outcast to Savior

DEVELOPER(S): Zen Studios

PUBLISHER(S): Zen Studios


GENRE(S): 2D Real-time Strategy

RELEASE DATE(S): February 26th, 2014

Downloadable content is always a tough kind of review to write.  CastleStorm: From Outcast to Savior is the kind of DLC that is more bonus content then a full add-on.  To make up for this, it is very reasonably priced at $2.99.  In the expansion, there are 20 new battles to try to get 5 stars in.  The single player still maintains the same great humor as the base game.  You start out with a hero with a bag on his head and work your way up through the ranks until you defeat the Vikings for good.  There is a new faction called the Royal Guard and also new environments and terrains to fight through but all of them feel like they are just new skins.  Even the new weapons, feel like they have just been reskinned.   All in all if you really liked CastleStorm, like I did, the expansion will give you more replayability for a great indie title.


The main reason I would recommend purchasing From Outcast to Savior is because for the multi-player aspect.  The new upgrades for your castle and weapons are all able to be brought online and will help you in matches, which is awesome.   These new modes and upgrades will keep you busy for about another 4 to 5 hours which is a bargain at the asking price.

If you already own CastleStorm, picking up From Outcast to Savior is a no brainer.  At $2.99 adding a few hours of content to an already great title is a welcome addition to Nintendo’s platform.  Thank God for the indies, because with the lack of support from major 3rd parties, the Indies are filling the void for the Wii U quite well.



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