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Original Game | Creating camouflage | Awesome levels

Sometimes it is a little too challenging

Game Info

GAME NAME: Canvaleon

DEVELOPER(S): OXiAB Game Studios

PUBLISHER(S): OXiAB Game Studios


GENRE(S): Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): July 23, 2015

Canvaleon is an adventure game that will test the true gamer within you.  If you are a player that thinks you will run through this game like Super Mario Bros. than you better think again.  Not only will you have to put your skills to the test you will also hope you have the patience of a Jedi Knight.  Canvaleon is original and it will keep you occupied for quite a while.

The game will begin with you, a chameleon, being born without the ability to adjust to the environment like the rest of the community.  After awhile, others shun him out including his very own parents.  One day, an artistic chameleon comes along and tells you that you will be his canvas and names you Canvaleon.  After he explains what he can do for you, the world is under attack by alien creatures and it is up to you to use your new friends talent to help you survive.


The game will play where you will try to pass each level without being seen or touched.  If you are seen by the bad guys than it will send them into a frenzy.  Now, before I continue with this review, I will let you know again, you can NOT run through this game.  One hit and you will die, whether it be a weapon that is shot at you or some of the villainous environmental obstacles.  If the enemy sees you, they will come out of nowhere to come shoot you or take away your camouflage.  Your camouflage is what you are trying to protect as well as not getting hit.  The camouflage is your weapon but in order to use it, you must collect as many butterflies in all the levels as possible.  The butterflies are what are used to create your new skins.  After you defeat a level, you can take your collected butterflies to get new camo and if you want to get creative, you can create your own camo.

Creating your own camoflage is pretty detailed.  You can make it simple colors and just mix and match.  You can also take your sweet time and make some awesome camo but make sure it is usable in the environments within the game or else you will be seen and killed again.  Yes, again because I am sure you will have died multiple times by now.  Also, when you use your camouflage or get zapped from the alien trying to steal it, you will need to also repair your camo.  Everyone few times, your percentage of camo will drop and you will need to repair it to keep the bad guy from visibly seeing you while trying to be incognito.  If the percentage is not high enough you will be seen and killed yet again.  Also, while progressing through the game, be sure to check around carefully because there are other chameleons that need to be saved as well.


The game’s graphics are pretty and plays very smoothly.  The game does not glitch when there comes a point to where all the bad guys take up the screen.  If you are seen, more and more will come from a portal to find you.  I have had quite a bit on my screen at once and yet it still ran very smoothly.  The sound and music go great with the gameplay and the scenery.  The controls on the game are pretty simple and very comfortable.  The joysticks move your character as well as look up and down.   The trigger buttons will scroll through your purchased camouflage, use the camo and stick out your tongue for them hard to reach butterflies.  Two of the buttons will make your character run and two of them will make him jump.  You can use the touch pad to create all your camouflages or scroll around through the created ones in the game.  The game can also be played through the gamepad as well as the TV.


The Recommendation

Canvaleon is probably one of the most challenging indie games I have ever really played.   I will not say it is a great thing but I will say it is nice to be challenged.  Not only is it challenging, it is also very original concept and you can choose to use your imagination to create camouflages or just use the in game ones that have already been created.  I love the feel of the controls, it just plays right, almost as if I had played it long before now.  The graphics are very pretty and the sounds and music go great with the scenery within the game.  Add this to your collection as soon as possible and get playing.



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