Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion

8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10

Same Fun Blok Drop | Feels Like A Sequel and Not a Spin-Off

Too Difficult | Still Have To Clear All Blocks

Game Info

GAME NAME: Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion



PLATFORM(S): Nintendo Wii U

GENRE(S): Puzzle

RELEASE DATE(S): December 18th, 2014

Indie developers have been known to include homages to other indie games within their own efforts as a shout out of such. Full blown crossovers such as Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion from Leuvsion and RCMADIAX are quite a bit rarer but after experiencing this title I can only hope that there are more to come.


Just like in the original Blok Drop U game from RCMADIAX there isn’t really any story. In this spin-off title that blends the upcoming Wii U action platformer Twisted Fusion with Blok Drop U, developer Leuvsion has added character sprites and backgrounds that spruce the game up and add a new level of depth to the already addictive game. The evolution from the first title to the spin-off is noticeable and has set the bar for quality and difficulty even higher for the next title Blok Drop X Ping Plus.

The game retains its original challenge to land the red block on the ground safely while destroying all the blocks in the process. This time however, the red block has been replaced by the little robot named Go-Go and the grey blocks have been replaced by wooden crates. New to this title is having to also destroy all the enemies in the level. This new gameplay element makes the title almost feel like more of a sequel and next progression of the series more than a spin-off. You are still required to clear all the blocks before moving on to the next level which is a minor annoyance.


This version of the game has amped up the difficulty tremendously and at times has made me want to throw my GamePad straight through the TV and even question if the developer has even beaten the levels. After try after try though, I eventually beat it and got the great sense of accomplishment from doing so.

The crossover title can either be played on the TV or completely off screen. Since the game is played by tapping the crates on the touchscreen, I highly recommend just using the GamePad because you will spend most of your sessions looking down at the touch screen anyways. Luckily, the save system has made its return and there are 30 unlocked levels called the Evan levels. There are 20 more unlocable levels after you clear the Evan levels.

I really enjoy the level design and 16-bit style art assets that are being used over top of the Blok Drop engine. It adds depth and puts a face to the drab grey blocks. The soundtrack is fitting of the graphic style and some people may call me crazy but I miss the electronic/techno loop from the first but I don’t think it would fit the Twisted Fusion world, so I understand the change.

The Recommendation

If you enjoyed Blok Drop U, picking up Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion is an easy decision as it is not only an extremely competent spin-off but the next evolution and progression in the series. There is plenty of great content here from the absurdly low price of $1.99. The difficulty gives you a great sense of accomplishment as you beat each level. Add this to your library today and keep the full Twisted Fusion game on your radar as it is poised to be one of the great indies of 2015.




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