Blocky Bot

6 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10

Awesome music | lots of character unlocks

Mindless Jumper | No Story/Depth | Not many themes to unlock

Game Info

GAME NAME: Blocky Bot

DEVELOPER(S): Mobot Studios, Inc.

PUBLISHER(S): Mobot Studios, Inc.


GENRE(S): Endless Platformer

RELEASE DATE(S): May 21, 2015

Blocky Bot was an interesting title right before it was released. Developer Mobot Studios, created a hilarious and wacky low-fi video teasing this game. It was a cheap looking infomercial that had awesome chip tune music and was also a rap video. Needless to say this looked like a game everyone should want to play and be a part of, it was hilarious.

Blocky Bot in reality is an endless 3D platformer. The graphics for Blocky Bot are a crisp colorful set up graphics set in different environments, for example, one level is an old 8-bit level, and the other is a colorful 3d world, as well as a very vintage looking old cartoon style theme and so on. There are only 4 themes to unlock, and by themes I mean levels. There are about 24 characters to unlock in this title.  This is the developers that brought us Paper Monsters Recut so the talent level is there it just wasn’t a game I expected it to be.


In regards to story, there is none. It’s just an endless mindless jumper. The music is spot on and very fun. It has a very fun and chipper anthem chip tune music that’s quite catchy. Overall though, it’s a game best suited to a mobile device or tablet. There isn’t much depth at all which is disappointing because I very much wanted to like this game a lot. The talent at the studio is there, the marketing is there and the platform is totally there to make this an awesome yet funny platformer with a  lot of character, it just wasn’t pushed to that level unfortunately.


The Recommendation

If you want a game that has great graphics, and music and is a temporary time killer then look no further. This title will help you burn minutes or let you catch up on your thoughts as you mindlessly jump, jump, jump through the randomized levels of infinity. It was worth the $1.99 but not a cent more, I’d be even happier if it was even $.99. I hope that Mobot puts a little more love into a future Blocky Bot installment and make it everything we dreamed it would be.




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