Assassin’s Creed

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 6/10

Astonishing Graphics | Smooth Gameplay

Tedious Missions | Slow Story

Game Info

GAME NAME: Assassin’s Creed

DEVELOPER(S): Ubisoft Montreal


PLATFORM(S): Android, Playstation 3, PC, Wireless, Iphone

GENRE(S): Action

RELEASE DATE(S): 11/13/2007

You play as Desmond Miles who is kidnapped by a corporation known as Abstergo.  They inform Desmond that he is a descendant of an ancient assassin, named Altair,  that is disgraced for breaking the three principles that the Creed bases their beliefs. The three beliefs that he has broken were 1) never kill an innocent person 2) always be discreet and 3) never compromise the brotherhood.   He is told that he can relive the memories of his ancestor by using a machine called “animus.”  Desmond agrees to this project and begins living in the memories of Altair.  There are nine targets that you must assassinate.


The game does not have a great experience but it has a lot of good qualities that out weigh the bad.  The voice acting is good for the most part except for the main character, as well as the rumblings of the people as you run by them, its usually the same couple of sayings.  The levels are very large once you have unlocked the three areas, which are poor, middle-class and the rich.  You may have to wait a few extra minutes on loading time but with as smooth as the game operates for such a big level it makes it worth the wait.  The controls for the game are pretty simple but work great with the gameplay.  You have a button for each area of the body to control (head, body, and feet).  Running across the buildings is easy by just holding down the trigger button but is fun once you get into it because the movement isn’t always easy to transition, so it will make it a minor challenge.  To climb up the buildings to get up to the rooftop is the same buttons as running on the rooftops and jumping from roof to roof as well.  Climbing the buildings also requires you to look for holes and protruding architecture to make your way up vertically,  but it is important, because it will help you in finding all the view points within the game.  The view points are amazing, you can see so much of the level from that high up, it shows the detail they put into the level and it is also necessary, for it will also help you find your targets.



Here’s where things go good for a little while but after a few times it becomes very redundant and annoying.  To make a successful assassination, you must retrieve information on all of your targets.  To gain the information you need, you must at least investigate three out of about a half dozen people.  There are four ways that you will go about investigating your target.  You will have to pickpocket, eavesdrop, interrogate and speak with an informant.  To pickpocket, you will have to walk up behind the character without being noticed and pick him of the item you require.  Eavesdropping will have you looking for the two people that are whispering about some information and you have to find a nearby bench and listen in on the conversation.  Interrogating will have you find the character with the information and you will pretty much have to beat the knowledge out of him, in which most cases you kill them.  Speaking with the informant has two ways you can acquire his information, he will either ask you assassinate a citizen or a guard, or he will have you beat his time in a race of collecting flags.  In doing these tasks, you will retrieve maps of guard locations, the best place to strike your target, and hints on the best way to attempt stealthy assassinations.  The first few times of doing these tasks, it was awesome, it seemed different but then it became ridiculous how many times you do the same thing for every target in the game.  Not only did it seem very repetitive, it was just plain boring doing the same things for every single target in the game.  The assassinations are pretty awesome, you have the choice to go for the stealth kill or for normal face to face battle with the target but you will fight his followers as well in this decision.



The game is completely awesome, for the first few targeted assassinations.  After that, well its gets very bland.  The concept of the game is great, they could have had something beyond great, but it was so poorly and repetitively done.  The combat sequences and the level exploring are amazing.  The levels are beautifully done and very smooth.  The animation flows seamlessly, especially with all the rooftop jumping, wall climbing, and the diving from ridiculous heights, the game moves great.  The story is slow playing but is pretty good for the most part.


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