Anomaly 2

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 7/10

Top Notch RTS Visuals | Unique Concept

Online Play | Voice Acting

Game Info

GAME NAME: Anomaly 2

DEVELOPER(S): 11 Bit Studio

PUBLISHER(S): 11 Bit Studio


GENRE(S): Action/Tower Offense

RELEASE DATE(S): September 16th, 2014

There are very few games that can hold your interest when tower defense tactics are involved and Anomaly 2 is one of those few.  It is very hard for me personally to sit and play a tower defense style game, but this wasn’t torture at all and seemed closer to an RTS on rails.  Anomaly 2 is pretty much the same formula as the first game, but with added visual improvements and a story that differentiates each mission.  Normal tower defense type games will have you protecting the pathways from being breached by building and maintaining your defenses, while Anomaly 2 is focused on offense.  I guess you could call this game a tower offense title and it holds true to that name with treading along the path destroying the defensive towers along the way.  The story is very typical with a big military influence trying to eradicate extraterrestrial forces and saving humanity.


When Anomaly 2 starts up, you take control of the commander and the action kicks off pretty quickly.  Even though your units move on rails, you can move your captain all over the map and place healing markers or even apply extra modifiers to your vehicles.  As simple as this game seems, it will definitely show a more challenging experience even from the first few levels.  The commander you control has many options to use to upgrade or alter units to compliment your strategy and to change the tides of war.  There are only fourteen levels to the main campaign, but it could take a little while to perfect a map run and get the best bonuses.  You can stop the movement of your units by pulling up the map and you can also change the path in which they will travel to either avoid a big ambush or dive into it.


The voice acting is laughably bad, but sounds like it fits while on the battlefield with reports and updates coming through in mid fight.  In between each mission there will be a mission/story update and some of the content felt very bland, however it doesn’t hinder the game as a whole or the experience.  The music is accommodating to the atmosphere and the explosions, gun fire and enemy sounds are very well done to create an immersive experience.  Visually it holds a great appeal and I commend 11 Bit Studio for doing a great job in creating a beautiful looking top down experience.


There is an online multiplayer mode on Anomaly 2, which at first when I received the game wasn’t able to find players.  I literally tried to find an online match for about 20 minutes with no luck at all and it made me feel that this game might’ve not been a big sell to most.  A week later I again tried to log on and found a few matches, which has a steep learning curve and could solely depend on a little luck.  The online experience gives either you or the online opponent a choice to be the offensive or defensive side and it definitely adds some interesting experiences with using different strategies depending on the side you chose.

The Recommendation

Anomaly 2 stands out from the typical tower defense crowd and holds a better, more enjoyable experience than most out today.  For $14.99 it isn’t too expensive for the amount of content available in this downloadable title.  Anomaly 2 is meant for anyone who loves tower defense, RTS or even just has a thing for strategy games.  Aside from the negative experience I had with the online play, this game is a solid made title for the PSN and I believe the potential is there for anyone who wants a fun experience.




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