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By Matt Desind, August 26, 2015 Editorial, News, Nintendo, Screenshots

Thank you so much for joining me, my name is Matt and today we’re going to be taking a look at SteamWorld Heist. We’re lucky enough to have an interview with Brjann Sigurgeirsson of Image & Form, the development team… Read More »

By Ryan Shiflett, July 16, 2015 Microsoft, News, Screenshots

Microsoft and announced today that you can now download 2 free Porsche cars for Horizon 2 through the Forza Hub app on Xbox One. The two models available for download will be the Porsche Cayenne Turbo and the Porsche… Read More »

By Ryan Shiflett, July 16, 2015 News, Nintendo, Screenshots

In anticipation for the release of the 1.1 update for Cube Creator 3D big John games has released screenshots showing of two new Biome. First is the Fantasia environment which looks to give Cube creator a bit more of a… Read More »

By James, October 4, 2014 Screenshots, Sony

You got your download code to test out DBX, right?  NO?!  Well alright, I suppose I can tell you what you’re missing. So apparently Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a persistent multiplayer action brawler, much like the many, many mosou games… Read More »

By Jimmy, September 1, 2014 Microsoft, News, Screenshots, Sony, Trailers

  Resident Evil REturns and is coming in early 2015.  Capcom has REleased the first trailer this morning along with some screenshots last week.  The game had originally been REbooted on the Nintendo Gamecube but now the original Playstation 1… Read More »

By getamikeON, May 1, 2014 News, Screenshots

Today Telltale games revealed some first screens for the next chapter of The Walking Dead series. Below we are sharing the first official screenshots for ‘In Harm’s Way,’ episode 3 of The Walking Dead: Season Two series. The release of this next episode is coming soon and… Read More »