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By Ryno, June 3, 2011 Microsoft, News, Nintendo, Release Dates, Sony

This week releases include some very anticipated sequels among a movie tie in and a game starring all your favorite Cartoon Network characters. So without further ado. 6/03 CARTOON NETWORK: PUNCH TIME EXPLOSION (3DS) Description: Mysterious forces are at work… Read More »

By Ryno, June 2, 2011 News, Sony

It only took a month and 13 days to do it but the PlayStation store is finally back up and running. The relaunching of the store has also brought along with it some great things like the Infamous 2, Lego:… Read More »

By Ryno, June 1, 2011 Microsoft, News, Sony

Just as promised Rockstar is releasing all it’s pre-order content for it’s crime solving drama through DLC. So if you were disappointed that you didn’t get any extra cases when you bought the game, worry no more because Rockstar has… Read More »

By getamikeON, May 31, 2011 Microsoft, News, Sony

Exciting news from Activision just came through the pipe. Activision is stepping through into the new era of gaming and social media and opening up an online service called Call of Duty Elite. With this service you can connect with… Read More »

By Ryno, May 31, 2011 Microsoft, News, Sony

It has long been rumored that Activision would like to charge a monthly fee for it’s Call of Duty franchise. Well it looks like they are finally going to do just that. According to the Wall Street Journal the fees… Read More »

By Ryno, May 31, 2011 Sony

Sony has announced that the PSN store “should” be up and running by the end of the week.  Since April 20th the Playstation store has been “Under Maintenance” which means nobody can download any kind of DLC or redeem any… Read More »