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By Ryno, July 10, 2011 Nintendo

What an amazing feat to not only beat the original Super Mario Bros. but to also do it with the lowest score possible. Check out the video to see how it is done.

By Anthony DeVirgilis, July 10, 2011 Microsoft, News, Nintendo, PC, Release Dates, Sony

This week we see a re-release of one of the most epic RPG’s of all time, we get our football fix until Madden drops in August, Harry Potter jumps off the big screen to gaming consoles and more. 7/12 Elder… Read More »

By Ryno, July 7, 2011 Deals Of The Week, News, Nintendo

This week Nintendo give us two 3DS virtual console titles with the release of Fortified Zone and Qix. Sorry folks no Wii Virtual console title today. 3DS Virtual Console Fortified Zone ($2.99) Qix ($2.99) WiiWare Just Jam (500 points) DSi… Read More »

By Ryno, July 1, 2011 News, Nintendo

Nintendo has announced the 2011 Gold and Platinum rewards for it’s Club Nintendo members. The Gold members, like every year so far get an annual calender featuring Nintendo characters while the Platinum status members get an exclusive Mario & Friends… Read More »

By Ryno, June 30, 2011 Deals Of The Week, News, Nintendo

Today Nintendo give us two very highly anticipated titles.  For the Wii Virtual Console, Final Fantasy III otherwise know as VI in Japan is finally being released. Then for the 3DS Virtual Console we get Kirby’s Dream Land.  I see… Read More »

By Anthony DeVirgilis, June 26, 2011 Microsoft, News, Nintendo, PC, Release Dates, Sony

6/28 Resident Evil Mercenaries (Nintendo 3DS) Fight back hordes of terrifying enemies in Resident Evil®: The Mercenaries 3D, an action-packed exclusive for the Nintendo 3DS. Play as your favorite characters from Resident Evil® history in re-mastered challenges from Resident Evil®… Read More »

By Ryno, June 23, 2011 Microsoft, News, Nintendo, Sony

Today is 20th birthday of the worlds most famous hedgehog, Sonic.  To celebrate this great news SEGA is releasing the Sonic Generations demo for both PS3 and Xbox 360. This game has two very different hedgehogs to play with.  It… Read More »