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By Devin, June 4, 2012 E3, Microsoft, News

From Urban Dictionary: Weak Sauce: Describes the lamest of the lame. The epitome of awful. Well that about summed up Microsoft’s press conference at this year’s E3.  Halo 4 looked bring an awesomeness back to the series but is it just me or… Read More »

By Devin, June 4, 2012 E3, Microsoft, News, Sony

  A real-time physics engine will debut in Madden NFL 13. The wait is over, the disappointment is over and along with it, the era of animation-based gameplay in one of the most visual of sports video games. No more my… Read More »

By Devin, May 10, 2012 News, PC

Long awaited RTS game Company of Heroes 2 was announced by THQ and Relic. This is the sequel to the highest rated RTS of all time according to Metacritic. Company of Heroes 2 starts in 1941 and the beginning of what will become the… Read More »