Prey Demo Available PS4

Explore the Talos I space station for yourself before the full game launches on May 5.

Today Sony/Bethesda announced that the Prey Demo will be available to explore before the game fully launches on May 5th.

The world of Prey is littered with world-building secrets and delights. With the ability to go anywhere on the Talos I research facility at any time (provided you can find a way to get there), you’ll be amply rewarded for paying attention to your surroundings and exploring everything.

You can also open up a host of options in the beginning of the game, but you have to be willing to do some hunting, and face off against the Typhon aliens as you make your way through Talos I. Here are five things to look out for while you’re playing through the Prey Demo: Opening Hour, out today on the PlayStation Store.

  • Explore and feel your power– you can use some awesome hacker skills and bypass doors and security, safes and turrets. Or you could go with the Leverage skill and gain the ability to move heavy objects out of your way. Or possibly you’d rather use the Repair ability and you can patch up busted turrets, grav lifts, and Operator bots to help you navigate the station. These are just a couple of the early abilities you’ll have access to in the demo.
  • Location, Location, Location-  The station is more than 700 meters long, so it’s this huge edifice floating in space,” says Lead Designer Ricardo Bare. “We didn’t want to fall into the trap that a lot of space stations do, where they feel cramped. There are some small corridors, sure, but we wanted some really open spaces for the players to feel a lot of freedom in movement.” So there is ton to explore.
  • Tune up- Games aren’t that good without great music. Enjoy the awesome tracks by Prey’s Creative Director Raphael Colantonio and composer Mick Gordon (the mastermind behind DOOM’s award-winning soundtrack), the music of Prey sets the tone for the game immediately.
  • Life in Space- In the beginning of Prey, you’re exploring Talos I immediately after chaos has taken hold. When the Typhon break containment, their takeover is swift. And you come in just hours later. You’ll learn about the events that transpired through employee TranScribe messages and emails, and you may even learn how to track down said employees. You can choose to listen to the employees and learn what happened from them or kill them. Personally I’d like to know what the heck is going on before I whack em.
  • Fight the Invasion, Save the World- From the sneaky Mimics, which can take the form of innocuous items on the station, to the massive and terrifying Nightmare, there aren’t a lot of places on Talos I where you’ll be safe. You’ll need to get creative and save up your resources if you’re going to save the world.“It’s up to you as the player to figure out: How did I get here? What’s going on? How do I survive? And how do I get off this space station?” Bare says. “You’ll need to use your wits, the tools that you can scrounge, the weapons that you can find, and ultimately the powers that you acquire.”

What are you waiting for? Go download it and check it out!



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