Sonys Press Conference Recap E3 2016

If you haven’t heard our latest E3 podcast make sure you do, it has a summary of how the team feels about the Sony press conference and how it compares to the Microsoft Press conference. We believe Sony hit it out of the park with all of their news and game previews. Below are a list of titles that Sony presented at this years 2016 E3. I’m personally excited for a lot like God of War, Final Fantasy XV, Spiderman, Days Gone, Last Guardian, I could go on. -Michael

Ever since they first showed off the PlayStation 4 Sony has been all about the players.  In every E3 conference since the reveal they have came out and just say hey we are Sony and we don’t need to talk really we are just going to show you what we have been working on.  Then they just show game after game to the point where you cant breathe and in their own way laugh at their rivals.  I am excited for every game they showed and I cant wait to get my hands on PSVR later this year.- Chris

God of War

Kojima’s New Project: Death Stranding

The Last Guardian

Final Fantasy XV

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Insomniac’s Spiderman

Detroit: Become Human

Resident Evil 7

Days Gone (New IP)

Call of Duty

PlayStation VR

We did full coverage of the Playstation VR, you can check out that coverage here. 

Crash Bandicoot

Lego Star Wars 7


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