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By Dante, April 13, 2016 News, Sony

Many of the Naughty Dog team talk candidly about growing up with the series, but also the series growing up with them.  Discussing how the series evolved as it’s makers and cast gained experience and wisdom.  For some reason every… Read More »

By Dante, April 5, 2016 Microsoft, News, PC, Sony

Nordic Games and Airship Syndicate, formerly of Vigil (makers of Darksiders) have teamed up to create a beautifully rendered indie RPG mixing the exploration elements of Bastion and the battle system of Child of Light.  The developers set up a… Read More »

By Dante, April 4, 2016 News, Sony

We are coming down the home stretch for many of the Game Gravy staff’s pick for most anticipated game of 2016.  Sony did us all a solid to help with the wait and has been steadily releasing sections of the… Read More »

By James, April 1, 2016 Free To Play Friday

Well everyone on the damn planet just downloaded this, Nintendo’s first foray into mobile off-platform games we’ve mentioned before.  Sorta like Todamotchi Life, Miitomo has your little Mii guy (or gal) playing games, meeting people, taking pictures, and other little… Read More »