Free To Play Friday – FBI Goat Game

This is a tough one to make sense of.

So the FBI released a website to combat extremism online for youths.  It’s called “Don’t Be a Puppet” and instructs people how to identify extremist groups and what they are actually about.  Unfortunately, the examples are so over-the-top ham-fisted that they’re just silly.  Did you know that many gang members, especially in extremist groups, only joined because they felt out of place and these people took them in?  “Hey we’re your friends, oh yeah you can’t be cool about the blacks and the jews” kind of stuff.  And to lonely, disaffected kids, that’s usually ok.  Think American History X.

So the FBI has this site to free yourself from being a puppet.  How is this a Free To Play Friday entry?  Because one of the ways to learn about extremism is to play “Slippery Slope,” the FBI’s game where you’re a goat!

(record scratch noise)

It’s true.  After completing each level, you’re treated to something an extremist group would tell you if life was actually a particularly bad Lifetime movie.  It’s okay if you lose all your lives though, because if you die you’ll get to read all the messages at once (pictured, above).

Go ahead, indulge our Federal Bureau of Investigation and play this thing.  This is your tax dollars at work people, you may as well get some use out of it.

Slippery Slope can be played here.


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