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By getamikeON, February 5, 2016 News, PC, Steam

Today Daybreak Game Company LLC announced the upcoming separation of the Early Access survival game H1Z1 into two independent games. H1Z1: King of the Kill is a large-scale, high-intensity multiplayer shooter comprised of a variety of new fight-to-the-death game modes, including fan-favorite… Read More »

By James, February 5, 2016 Free To Play Friday

VainGlory is a MOBA for your touch devices; Apple, Android, and the like.  It’s colorful, very fast, and extremely responsive.  The developer has some good pedigree as well, it’s made up from devs from Riot and Blizzard. It’s a MOBA,… Read More »

By getamikeON, February 4, 2016 Mobile, News

Fans can relive the magic of action RPG classic ADVENTURES OF MANA on iOS and Android devices today. For the first time ever, players can experience the origins of the beloved MANA series designed specifically for mobile devices. ADVENTURES OF MANA,… Read More »

By James, February 2, 2016 Free To Play Friday

its flappy bird but at the end of a stage you poop on donald trump and then he turns into poop donald dump android, probably ios also  

By getamikeON, February 2, 2016 News, PAX

Roaming through the indie booth, I found three games from Surprise Attack that I first teased about prior to PAX South (Screencheat, Super Mutant Alien Assault, and Western Press). I was able to chat with their teams and get some hands on… Read More »

By Eddie, February 1, 2016 Microsoft, News, PAX, PC, Sony

Do you enjoy panicking and running for your life? I know I do. Michael and I got some time with a demo of Just Shapes and Beats, a bullet hell shooter where you can’t shoot back, and your only course… Read More »

By getamikeON, February 1, 2016 Cosplay, News, PAX

While PAX isn’t a comic book convention like SDCC, it does have its fair share of video game Cosplayers. There was a bunch of great Cosplayers roaming around the PAX South Expo hall and posing with people all over the… Read More »