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By getamikeON, February 10, 2016 Microsoft, News, PC

Below we have our second Developer video for the Solus project. If you missed video 1 you can check it out here. Welcome to Gliese-6143-C. Survive through exploration. Unlock the depths of the uncharted planet, and the secrets buried deep… Read More »

By getamikeON, February 9, 2016 Microsoft, News, PC, Sony

Today EA and Coldwood Interactive launched Unravel via digital download on Origin for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. Unravel is a unique physics-based puzzle platformer centered around a tiny, endearing character named Yarny. Small in size, but big in heart, Yarny is a… Read More »

By getamikeON, February 8, 2016 News, PC, Steam

Well, I have something for those Mighty No. 9 fans who are extremely disappointed at Comcept and want a great Mega Man inspired game now on Steam early access for only $8.99. I introduce to you 20XX by Batterystaple Games. A… Read More »

By getamikeON, February 8, 2016 News, Nintendo

Today ZeNfA Productions introduced the Nindies Love You group sale! We love Nintendo gamers so much that we decided to get together and organize a special group sale just for you. This special sale starts on February 11th and lasts for 2… Read More »

By Anthony DeVirgilis, February 5, 2016 Microsoft, News

After being released on both PlayStation 4 and Steam, Zoink Games is now releasing Zombie Vikings digitally on Xbox One with a lot of bonus content. Raybjörn Character DLC Frostbjörn Character DLC A behind the scenes making-of video 5 additional… Read More »

By getamikeON, February 5, 2016 News, PC, Steam

Today Daybreak Game Company LLC announced the upcoming separation of the Early Access survival game H1Z1 into two independent games. H1Z1: King of the Kill is a large-scale, high-intensity multiplayer shooter comprised of a variety of new fight-to-the-death game modes, including fan-favorite… Read More »