Free To Play Friday – Online Quiz Edition Part 1

Online quizzes have come a long way since Javascript and radio buttons (my first semi-successful website had a few of them).  Here we are now with ClickHole and SBNation, even though the former I find deplorable and the latter I generally only read for their silly football takes.

Anyway.  First up, You Are George Lucas In 1975. Can You Create Star Wars? tasks you with making a stolen Kurosawa film.  Also you can see Tiger Woods being born if you’re interested in golf.  While ClickHole is generally a repository of idiocy, this quiz has some decent writing and you get to throw rocks at people.

Together, I’ve paired (or curated, for you fancy feasters) the first game with SBNation’s Which Fired NBA Head Coach Are You?.  I’m not big into basketball, but again – a well written game or little quiz can change my opinion on that.

Enjoy these short, easy to complete quizzes.


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