Knights Of The Old Republic Fan Project

Poem Studios, and some of their fans, have begun a labor of love remaking one of the greatest RPGs ever made, 2003’s Knights Of The Old Republic made by Bioware. They are bringing in voice actors, programmers, and artists to work on this reboot.  Below you’ll see some comparisons of the graphical overhaul that has already begun.  Code name “Apeiron” the remake will come with added content such as: extra missions, items, characters, and worlds.  Eventually it will come out for free on the PC and Poem Studios is accepting help from programmers and artists to help complete their project.  I cannot wait to see a 2016 version of HK-47 spouting hatred for the meat bags around your character.  Get it together Bioware and give us a non MMO Knights game!

compare2-full compare1-full


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