Just Shapes and Beats at PAX South

Do you enjoy panicking and running for your life? I know I do. Michael and I got some time with a demo of Just Shapes and Beats, a bullet hell shooter where you can’t shoot back, and your only course of action is to try to, y’know, NOT die. A strange, up to four player music action shooter hybrid that forces you to constantly stay on your toes, or the hazardous environment you roam will kill you. A bunch. Once we were finished with our sensory overload sandwich with a side of narrow victory, we got some info from Mike Ducarme, one of the head deviants responsible for this game.

Just Shapes and Beats is brought to you by Berzerk Studios, a company that clearly knows how to entertain with incredible chiptune music and frantic knee jerk movement through a well designed and choreographed environment that shakes with the bass, and is seriously rewarding. The crowd around the demo booth was louder than hell, celebrating players’ hard earned victories.

Each player controls a differently colored shape and is tasked with surviving the oncoming onslaught of musically synced lasers, explosions, and a whole slew of other dangers. From what we heard of the soundtrack, it was ear melting. Right now they’re hoping to have it ready for you by this summer for PC, and possibly either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. I’m currently looking into ways to put myself into a coma until this one is out. Check out the teaser trailer below. It’s hilarious. Plus, try watching Indie Your Face, the YouTube show starring Lachhh, another one of the game’s creators. Great stuff.


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