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By getamikeON, January 6, 2016 Podcasts

Welcome to the Rewind Episode 53 Podcast. Speaking in it is  Michael Johnston (Editor in Chief) Twitter:@getamikeON, and Anthony DeVirgilis (Nintendo and Sony Editor) Twitter:@ADeVirgilis. We hope you enjoy Episode 53! In this episode we talk about: Nintendo News Games of the year… Read More »

By getamikeON, January 6, 2016 News, PC

Meet Harry; laser junky, gluten addict, and exterminator extraordinaire. When a refrigerator-sized mass of slime and teeth is wriggling out of your drain, Harry is the best there is. He’s also the star of The Bug Butcher, coming to PC… Read More »

By James, January 6, 2016 Mobile, News

Tired of trying to take a screenshot, run it through Google Translate, trying multiple times because there’s an additional little squiggle…  (you get the idea) Well no more!  Neko Atsume, the cat collecting game that stormed our mobile devices a… Read More »

By getamikeON, January 5, 2016 News

Yesterday Activision Blizzard officially announced the acquisition of the business of Major League Gaming (MLG). MLG is a leader in creating and streaming premium live gaming events, organizing professional competitions and running competitive gaming leagues. The acquisition expands Activision Blizzard’s reach… Read More »

By Chris King, January 5, 2016 Microsoft, News, Release Dates, Sony

EA today announced EA SPORTS™ UFC® 2 launches on March 15, 2016 in North America, and March 17, 2016 worldwide. In addition to the announcement, EA released a cinematic trailer for EA SPORTS UFC 2 featuring some of the biggest… Read More »

By Eddie, January 5, 2016 Microsoft, News

During the holidays, Microsoft announced a lot of bundles, delivering an unprecedented number of choices for every gamer. While the holidays are now behind us, Microsoft is ringing in the New Year with more value and choices if you still don’t own an… Read More »

By Chris King, January 5, 2016 News, Sony

Sony has promised to extend PS Plus and PS Now subscriptions for existing users following the PSN outage that knocked Sony’s game network offline on Monday.  Following a twitter post released early this morning Sony thanked everyone with their patience… Read More »