PAX South Super Rad Raygun Interview with Chris Bryant

Greetings from PAX South 2016! Eddie (@EddyBreaker) here. As Mike (@getamikeON) and I meandered around PAX looking at booths for new and interesting indie games, I stumbled on TRU FUN Entertainment’s Super Rad Raygun. Rad Raygun was released in 2013 as an Xbox Live Arcade title. A retro-styled sidescroller with an OG Game Boy’s green palette, you play as the titular character, a Game Boy-styled battle robot designed to save the United States, nay, the 1980’s from Communism. With a badass chiptune soundtrack by FantomenK, and a great sense of humor about the world of the 1980’s, Rad Raygun was every bit as rad as his name suggests. Unfortunately, with only five levels, it felt over too soon.

Chris Bryant and Chris Hernandez want to bring you more Rad. A fully expanded game with twenty-five levels, intricate boss fights, and a new system that lets you upgrade Rad’s abilities, but with limits set to make you consider how you’re upgrading and what situations you’re upgrading him for. I got a few minutes to talk to the incredibly nice Chris Bryant about his game, and I can’t wait to play it. Available in May 2016 on Steam. Check out my interview with Chris below.

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