PAX South impressions of Dungeon Quest


Mike (@getamikeON) and I (@EddyBreaker) were lured over to Shinybox Games’ booth with promises of candy (*editors note: did not actually happen) and possibly a game to play! They had us sit down with Dungeon Quest, a new free to play dungeon crawler available now for Android and iOS.

John Broadway, co-founder of Shinybox Interactive, walked us through getting started, from stat boosts and attacks gained from changing and upgrading items and armament, to the absolutely staggering amount of levels in the game. Roughly 200 randomly generated levels await.

Generally, I’m not a fan of mobile dungeon crawlers, usually because of control issues, so after we got to play at the booth on wired and bluetooth controllers, we both downloaded the game to test screen controls for just a couple minutes. Forty-five minutes later, we were finally able to rip ourselves away to do human stuff, like use the potty and eat soup.

The screen controls for Dungeon Quest are incredibly responsive, and it makes for fluid gameplay that you don’t really wanna put down, cause your Wizard just leveled up and got a sweet new cloak for laying waste to a bunch of monsters that thought taking a run at you was a good idea. Idiots.

The real depth of the game is in character building. By using a Codex that you unlock early in-game, you get the basics of how to start speccing your Warrior, Rogue, or Wizard for later game content. If your character build is sloppy and unfocused, you’ll spend most of your time watching your character getting their ass handed to them. There is a large forum community that competes for control of the game’s leaderboards, and no, they won’t share their top PvP builds with you.

Sorry, this article would be longer, but I have to go. My Wizard thirsts for Justice. And loot.


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