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By getamikeON, November 19, 2015 News, PC, Sony

This is the way the world ends; not with a bang, but a RIPPER! Independent video game developer and publisher, Psyonix, announced today that Rocket League, the popular sports-action phenomenon enjoyed by more than 8 million players worldwide, is breaking… Read More »

By getamikeON, November 19, 2015 News, Sony

Vanillaware, the team behind the hit side-scrolling title Dragon’s Crown is working on a new authentic HD project with ATLUS to recreate and perfect Odin Sphere – the 2D action RPG with Norse Mythology roots. Told in five tales from… Read More »

By getamikeON, November 19, 2015 News, Videos

Watch the latest Just Cause 3 trailer created by the talent of Avalanche Studios, the award winning Japanese CGI specialists Visual Works and NME’s Band of the Year 2015 – Kasabian!

By Chris King, November 16, 2015 Microsoft, News, PC, Sony

Blasting enemy troopers, dogfighting with iconic starships, playing as Hero characters, creating powerful hands of Star Cards… There’s an entire galaxy of gameplay waiting for you in Star Wars Battlefront — and EA want to make your first moments on… Read More »

By Chris King, November 16, 2015 Microsoft, News, Sony, Trailers

Coming off the massive and intense UFC 193 EA has announced their cover athlete for UFC 2 which is coming in Spring 2016.  And it is no other than the former UFC champion Ronda Rousey.  Check out the video below… Read More »

By getamikeON, November 13, 2015 Microsoft, News, Nintendo, Sony

Today, Capcom confirmed that the North American PlayStation 4 and Xbox One retail editions and the Nintendo 3DS version of Mega Man Legacy Collection will release on February 23, 2016. The Nintendo Direct event today introduced even more exciting news… Read More »

By James, November 13, 2015 Free To Play Friday

iPhone users, get outta here.  This one is for Android users only. Dive Another Way is a game where you throw your phone and then hopefully catch it.  Your friend (or other willing participant, like a co-worker or whatever) throws… Read More »