Metroid: The Sky Calls

Honestly when I first saw the headlines of this fan film project I thought it was finally a new Metroid game announcement. It’s been 5 years since Team Ninja’s Other M released, I figured Nintendo owed us some bounty hunting goodness. This is a classic good news/bad news situation because this unfortunately isn’t a new game from the big N, but a honest to God cool fan film starring Samus. Rainfall Films did a great job using 1980’s sci-fi as an influence and Jessica Chobot knocked it out of the park with her performance. Maybe we will see more of these or maybe Nintendo will see the video and remember that they still own the Metroid property and give us some much needed morph ball action. Either way we win.


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Living in Detroit by way of Miami. I try to play as many videogames, read as many books, and consume as much football basketball and baseball as I can without my head exploding. Looking forward to: Zelda, South Park, Horizon, Mass Effect, Red Dead, and Mario Odyssey.