Capcom Bullet time camera event at E3 2015

Capcom made a splash this year at E3. To promote Street Fighter V, Capcom had a bullet time array of cameras setup on a stage and had Street fighter martial art stunt fighters on stage to pose with.

Check out the camera setup it was pretty impressive. It was a full 180 degree array of cameras. They had a director on set and a person on the computer ready to stitch and convert into video with the bumpers and sound once the shoot was complete. It was an impressive workflow considering you saw your shot a minute after shooting.



How it worked was you had to pick your fighting routine ahead of time, so when you got on stage you say you want to get hit or you want to hit the fighters and they would walk you through on how to setup the stunt. This was a stunt so you weren’t actually touching anyone you were a good foot or two away and they were amazing actors so if you said you were going to hit them they posed you and then counted down and acted hurt and fell pretty realistically. After you rehearse the director would count down and there you have it, it took only a few seconds to capture but the outcome was great! Here is my video below knocking down Ryu and M. Bison.

And as usual, I had to get a photo with the ladies. I posed with Cammy and Chun-Li.


It was a great E3 overall, and the Capcom booth stood out a lot this year. If you haven’t had the chance to see Street Fighter V in action check it out below. I’ve always been a street fighter fan and definitely looking forward to Street Fighter V.


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