Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Real


No doubt about it, boys and girls. Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake. Announced on stage at Sony’s press conference, a trailer screened showing the city of Midgar, along with back shots of Cloud and Barrett. No release date was given, so my guess is 2017, in time for the game’s 20 year anniversary. Also, this’ll be a timed exclusive, with the trailer announcing that you can play it first on PS4. Releasing in 1997 for the PlayStation, Final Fantasy VII was a critical and commercial success for Square. In the years that followed, Square Enix released several quasi-sequels and prequels on PS2, PSP, Mobile, and ending with a feature length film. In 2005, when showing what the PS3 could do, Square Enix put together a tech demo for what the game would look like on that system, with the company taking a firm stance that a tech demo was all it was. Now, ten years later, it looks like they’re ready to dive back into the world of Final Fantasy VII, and I couldn’t be happier. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go find my copy of Crisis Core.


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