Even more Amiibo leaks and what they could mean

Several new amiibo character designs seem to have surfaced in wash of what some are calling a “leak” considering we’re still a bit away from Nintendo’s conference at this year’s E3 expo. It seems as though an 8-bit Mario and several well known and popular characters from the Animal Crossing franchise have been spotted after the Nintendo World Championships. If this is in fact the case and we could be expecting the likes of Tom Nook and company, we could either

a) be seeing our fun little animal friends in Smash.


b) my theory on Amiibo functionality for a new Animal Crossing game may not be far off.

How cool would that be to be able to pick your villagers based on what Amiibo you want/have? Or you could give them things to carry, or even unlock works projects and equipment through them? Only time will tell.


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