The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – How to kill the Griffin

Hi Everyone, @mikeatron here. I created this walk-through video on how to kill the griffin in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt in White Orchard. I hope you enjoy and find it useful. As always if you have other video requests please leave them in the comments below or tweet to me.

  • Collect the buckthorn in the lake
  • Visit Vesemir
  • Create a thunderbolt potion (The Thunderbolt potion increases damage inflicted on opponents by 100%, but reduces dodging and parrying efficiency by 50% each.)
  • Follow Vesemir to the field
  • Get your badass Crossbow from Vesemir and thank him.
  • Fight the Griffin, make sure you use your Thunderbolt potion to increase your attack strength, also use Quen as a shield and keep using it while attacking with your crossbow (R1) as well as strong attacks.
  • After a little bit of fighting the Griffin, phase 2 will start. The Griffin will fly to the Windmill (You can also use your Witcher senses to hunt down beasts if you lose sight of them). Hit L3 to get your horse and go to the Windmill and finish off the Griffin. Make sure you dodge attacks, use your Crossbow and keep Quen activated. You’ll down the Griffin in no time.



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