League of Legends: Chroma packs, yay or nay?

Chroma packs have officially been introduced to the main server, but players don’t seem too thrilled. Yet another thing introduced in a short time, and just another thing to spend money on, is my take on these color changing additions.

It is a simple concept, really. You pay 590 RP for the pack, if you already own the champion and/or skin that it is for. You then receive a bundle of three colors that changes the color scheme of your champ. Note that it doesn’t change the ability colors (particles) of the champion, just the champion itself.

However, if you don’t own the champion, you are hit with much larger fee. If you want Pool Party Leona to be pink, but don’t own Leona or her Pool Party skin, expect to pay the price of Leona AND her skin with RP (which translates to real money unfortunately).

The current champions that you can get Chroma packs for are Lucian, Blitzcrank, Fizz, and Garen. The skins chosen for Chroma packs are Dragonfist Lee Sin, Pool Party Leona, and Nemesis Jax. While the pack only changes the color of Jax’s cape,

Neopet knock-off, or a pleasant little change?

Neopet knock-off, or a pleasant little change?

it changes Fizz’s whole color, which makes him look like a Neopet knock-off.

Now, you may ask “WHY RITO WHY?!” It simply comes down to more money. Many are asking why they don’t give you Chroma packs as rewards for their new champion ranking system.  The more you play a champion and the better you get, you gain levels for that specific champion… Why not give out a reward? Because Riot wants more money. I understand that business is business, but after sinking a decent amount into a “free” game, I really don’t want to spend more.

Riot has announced that later they will consider allowing people to buy specific colors. They may even think about changing the particles as well. Also Riot may let you purchase these packs with IP at a later date. As a person who is sitting on thousands of IP with nothing to spend it on, I’d like to see that.

I play LoL every day, and haven’t seen anyone use a Chroma color yet. Most people enjoy using skins, and I’m sure as they come out with more packs, I will see them in game.

Has anyone bought a Chroma pack? Anyone a fan of this new addition? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

*Note that this is an opinion, and does not reflect GameGravy as a whole. It is purely the opinion of one loyal League player.


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