Play Super Mario 64 in your browser

So you want to play the first stage of Super Mario 64, but don’t have a DS, or the correct connections for your HDTV, or the game on Virtual Console, or any of the other dozens of ways Nintendo is delivering the exact same games over the past 20 years?

Well now you can play it in your browser!

Developed in Unity by Roystan Ross, Super Mario 64 HD is a demo of the capabilities of that platform.  It’s pretty slick, alright.  And I do think that the world needs more Mario over and over again.

All hatin’ aside on Nintendo, it is a pretty impressive technical achievement, much more than I’ll ever be able to do.  The biggest thing I ever built from the ground up was a fort made out of Bud Light 20-pack boxes in 2005.

Here it is.  The site is getting hammered pretty hard at post time so you may not get in, but I’m sure it’ll be workable soon.


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