Smite Xbox One Impressions PAX East 2015

If you haven’t heard of SMITE it’s a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) developed by HI-REZ Studios. SMITE was released on the PC originally and recently debuted at PAX East 2015 on the Xbox One. Since I’m fairly new to the MOBA scene only having a little experience with League of Legends; since most people on that game are rude to new players. I wasn’t sure of what to expect, especially since this was on Xbox One. I was pleasantly surprised. Not only was the staff and developers really nice. All the people I met in line to play and chatted with were also really nice and passionate about the game, they are all about helping out new players. That made SMITE stand out greatly.


Controls for SMITE on Xbox One are rather basic which makes it super fun. You can turn auto equip gear and upgrades on so that it does it based on your class automatically. If you’re a pro you can turn that off. For me, I left it auto on to learn how it works. You attack with the right trigger and use the buttons for various attacks. Visually on the Xbox One the levels were very colorful and all the attacks and Area of effects (AOE) ran very smooth, especially with all the hero’s running around blasting everyone.


We were all lined up to play against each other in a co-op/arena mode. That made things challenging and very fun. The perspective in SMITE is 3rd person lower view so you can see the whole battlefield and focus on strategy and fighting. You’ll have enemy minions to attack and that will level you up so you can get better gear and get to fighting quicker and hit harder. Basically in this arena mode you defend your minions to enter your enemies portal and also attack enemy hero’s .Each time you kill someone or your minion enters a portal the opposing team loses 4 tickets. The team with the most tickets wins.

If you are into MOBA’s and want to try something different than League of Legends with actual nice people and Greek gods, than you should check out SMITE. I’ll see you on the battlefield!



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