Leap of Fate First Impressions at PAX East 2015

Leap of Fate is a hardcore action game from Clever-Plays where you play as a powerful Mage with no matter how many skills or bad ass he is those skills will be put to the test where you try to survive the onslaught of enemies that keep just coming at you.  You have the ability to teleport and summon friends to help you as you go a deadly rite of passage in a hidden arcane tower.  Leap of Fate is more or less about survival and finding the best position to not die because if you die that is it there are no extra lives or anything.  But starting over is not bad since there is randomly generated levels and content.  You will be able to combine your magical powers in many different was to eliminate your enemies.  The game will come out for the PC and Mobile devices.  I played it on the iPad and it controlled fairly nicely and I was fairly impressed how sharp the graphics were on a mobile device.  It reminded me a lot of a game I reviewed not too long ago called #Killallzombies.  It is still a pretty cool game and how you can use different magical spells in the game really sets it apart from other games like this.  I’m excited to get this and play it on my tablet later on this year when it releases.



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