Elite Dangerous First Impressions at PAX East 2015

The folks over at Frontier created a MMO Space simulation game where there are 40 billion star systems where you can do trading, bounty hunting, mining, assassination missions.  There are different wars going on in the game and you can choose which side you want fight on.  The game is extremely in depth and is awesome.  There is a back story to the game but your mainly creating your own story and experiences.  You are able to even get bounties put on your head and you will be able to go to a space station and you can see the top users who have the most bounties on their heads.  You can have your ship built for exploring or aim it more for combat.


At PAX they had a demo for the game which you could use the Oculus Rift which really impressed me.  In the demo I was tossed in a dog fight with another fighter and the object was to of course to bring it down.  In the demo i found myself looking everywhere to find my enemy and the amount of detail that was put in just cockpit alone blew me away.  I got so distracted with how it looked I was almost shot down and the glass in my cockpit began to crack and the screens around me began to short out and shoot out sparks.


The sound in the game was good as well just with every move you make in the cockpit and when you accelerate the ship makes you feel like you are really there.  I find it so shocking that the developer also created Kinectimals for the Xbox 360.  They have truly blew me away with this demo and it is even available today to pick up.  So if you have a beast of a PC I strongly suggest picking this up and they said hopefully they can bring it to the Xbox One and Mac.


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