Adult Swim Indie Booth at PAX East 2015

Everyone knows who Adult Swim is right? We stayed up late during college watching it at midnight laughing our faces off, hell I even do it now well after college. This year at PAX East they had a great selection of games lined up in their booth. Our GameGravy Writer King and myself had the opportunity to chat with Adult Swim and each developer about all the titles below, we also got some hands on experience with them as well…the games that is. Check out the titles below, we put our impressions of each title, a video and link out to Steam where you can find them. We hope you enjoy.

Rise & Shine

Rise & Shine is a game about a girl named Rise who lives on a planet called Gamearth that’s being invaded and war erupts! A legendary weapon happens across your path through a chain of events and you get assisted by a gun called Shine to survive and keep you going. I was going to only demo this out for a few minutes and then got pulled into it. The graphics are beautiful and have a hand drawn comic feel. After speaking to the developers at Super Mega Team, I found out that the artist was a comic book artist for over 10 years before he started making games and it shows ina great way. Rise & Shine is not only pretty but has challenging and fun gameplay. You collect upgrades the more you explore, its a puzzle platformer. You use said upgrades to further advance yourself throughout the levels and find new items. Don’t mistake this as a cake walk same old puzzle platformer. It’s very unique and it is hard, in a very good way. They don’t hand you anything, you earn it by stopping and being clever not rushing through levels. This game earned my respect and I cannot wait to get the full version to enjoy. Super Mega Team said Rise & Shine is scheduled to be released in the US later this year 2015.


In this game the sun is dead. All of mankind has fled to underground. In this chaotic future a company called Raven Corporation controls everyones most precious resource, breathable air. Traverser is a action adventure indie game that has a unique graphical style and is developed by Gatling Goat Studios. It has a cool hand drawn illustration vibe. I started off playing in a tutorial demo mode where you get to learn basic controls and understand how to move around and use items. The first thing I noticed is this game reminded me a little bit of Valves game Portal, due to the way the tutorial was setup and the first item we received was the gravity glove which lets you manipulate cubes and stack them and move them around. I will have to say the music and sound was excellent and so was the art. It may have been my luck but no developer was around to ask questions about Traverser and I did get stuck on the demo and couldn’t actually complete it and no one was around to reset the demo which was a major bummer. The blocks wouldn’t stack properly for me to proceed. Other than the great music and artwork, I can’t recommend or not recommend this title but I will be giving it another shot after PAX East when it becomes available on Steam. The release date for Traverser is sometime in May of 2015. Stay tuned for more info in the future.

Duck Game

Duck Game is a 4 player battle royale game that plays a lot like Super Smash Brothers just that it is more violent and 2d.  It is in Alpha stage so I didn’t get a chance to look at the character selection but the character i was playing as was a duck and the other characters had something unique about them like a different helmet or something that they were carrying.  There are items that drop in to the game such as guns, a grappling hook and grenades.  When you kill one of the other players you can wear their helmets as a trophy which I found in a way pretty funny.  The game is currently being developed by Landon Podbielski and so far the game is a lot of fun and I am hoping it will have online multiplayer because this is a action fighting game that I can play with my buddies on systems I already have.

Westerado: Double Barreled

Westerado: Double Barreled is an action/adventure game developed by Ostrich Banditos. It’s a homage to a spaghetti westerns and the consequences of your choices/actions affect the outcome of the game and how people react around you. It’s an explorative mystery 8-bit western game and its very damn fun and hilarious. When your family is murdered by a mysterious desperado you set out into the world to take revenge. It’s your task to uncover clues as to who this person is and avenge your family. This title is quite unique and has some great personality. The music is excellent and graphics are 8-bit and have a retro vibe yet is done very well. This is an easy pick up and go game. If you like games that have mystery, witty banter and exploration/action this game is for you and I highly recommend checking it out.


Oblitus is a side scrolling action game made by Connor Ullman.  I found this game very fun once you have gotten down all of the controls first since they were very confusing and had to go into the tutorial before I started jumping into the game and even after the tutorial I felt like I didnt have the controls down pact.  Aside from the controls giving me trouble I had enjoyed my time with the game.  It reminds me of Rayman Legends but you need to be more strategic with your attacks which is a big plus and adds a challenge which is something I look for in games.  Your tools of destruction is a spear and a shield and you are able to throw your spear and after a couple seconds it will come back to you.  The art style is very cool and the graphics are very crisp.  The enemies you fight have either armor or will run for you so you have to decide how you are going to bring them down which can be challenging.  The game recently came out on Steam and I strongly suggest if you like these kind of games to give it a shot.

Rain World

Rain World is a survival plat former you play as slugcat a creature who is just trying to survive the harsh environments with spears to defend yourself and bats to eat.  The game takes place in a industrial wasteland where you need to not only hunt but be hunted as well.  From what I played of the demo you will be hunted by crocodiles who based on what color they are is to how smart they are.  For instance there is a green crocodile who is stupid and then you have a pink one who is relentless and will remember you wherever you go and try to follow you. The game controls are very simple and even with a touch of a slow motion button that is thrown in to make getting away from your predators that much cooler.

Ghost Song

Ghost song is an action game that is challenging and rewarding. It’s developed by Old Moon and has a very awesome and unique anime hand drawn look. It made me think this is whats born when you take art like Ghost in a shell and mix it with Metroidvania style gameplay. THe sotry is you are on a desolate moon of Lorian . It’s a place of curiosity, history and terror all combined in one. You wake up from a long slumber and you’ll need to explore winding caverns, uncover secrets and acquire new abilities and and face powerful enemies. The controls are very precise and responsive like a metroid game. It can be rewarding and cost you if you aren’t careful. This is a game of skill and patience. There is a lot of depth and detail to Ghost Song for example all NPCs have full voice overs. If you are into action platformer games that have rich graphics and that play in a metroidvania style then this is a title I highly recommend checking out.

Deaths Gambit

Deaths Gambit is a side scrolling RPG that is very challenging and is still awesome all at the same time.  You will climb giant creatures and try to defeat in ways that you really have to think how you are going to do it.  The controls are fairly simple and you will have no problem fighting and tearing your way throw each monster you encounter until you get to trickier ones of course.  The game also rewards you for not using your health by giving you extra perks in the level which is what adds on to the replay value of the game.




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