Pollen First Impressions at PAX East 2015

Pollen is a first person exploration mystery game from indie developer Mindfield.  The game has you stuck in a space station alone and you are trying to figure out what happened to the crew and you have to scurry every inch of the station to find them.  Mindfield gave a demo using the Oculus Rift which is what I tried and believe me when I say coming from someone who has never used it before I was excited.  Exploring the ship was really cool and how you would move every object and inspect it.  Or even when you are just standing still and just looking around the game is really impressive graphically wise.  There was even a Polaroid camera on board and i was just looking at a random wall on the station and took a picture and when it came out it was the wall I was looking at which i found pretty cool.  The sound in the game is exactly how you would think it feel like in space, DEAD QUIET but that doesn’t mean there isn’t sound in the game the station itself with each door you open and how you interacted with the environment was spot on.  There wasn’t too much to do in the demo since it was just a little taste of the game when it finally releases later this year.  Be sure to keep your eyes out on indie developer Mindfield they are doing some pretty impressive things.


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