Life is Strange First Impressions at PAX East 2015

Life is Strange is an episodic story driven game from Square Enix.  You play as a girl named Alex who is in High School who has the ability to do time travel.  In the demo you are in a classroom where your teacher is giving a lecture on photography and you are sitting at your desk looking at each one of your belongings trying to pass the time until class is over.  You even take a “selfie” where your teacher just gets into you about taking one because today’s society thinks they are the ones that invented self portraits and actually gives you a history lesson on who was the actual first person to do a “selfie”.  After class ends you end up walking into a hallway and make your way to the bathroom to freshen up and you encounter a butterfly you would like to take a photo of and you go into take a photo when two people come in and start arguing and eventually one pulls out a gun and shoots the other and in horror and disbelief of what just happened you put your hand up to find yourself rewinding time all the way back in the classroom.  You then try to change the course of events and in hope to try to change the events of you just witnessed.

Life is Strange at its core is an interactive drama kind of like Quantic Dreams Beyond: Two Souls which starred Ellen Page.  The game hits everything on the nose as far as the drama and engaging story and makes you wonder what will happen next.  The graphics are good with the art style that they have chose but you can see why it is only 5 bucks an episode.  Like the mouths don’t really move when the character is talking and you can tell the graphics could look a lot better if there was a bigger budget for it but its still a good game from what I have played and it didn’t effect the way I saw the game.  I mean after I beat the demo I bought the first episode on my PlayStation app so it would ready on my PlayStation 4 for when I get home.  I cant wait to dive further into the game and hopefully get a review up on here soon.


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