Kona First Impressions at Pax East 2015

Kona has in many ways impressed me the most so far here at Pax East.  Kona looks and runs absolutely beautiful.  It is a first person exploratory episodic mystery game that reminded me a lot of L.A. Noire.  You play as Carl Faubert a man who doesn’t know how to quit and is very persistent with each case he is working on especially when money isn’t an issue. Carl hops in his truck to Northern Quebec to meet his client W. Hamilton who is constantly being bothered with the local Cree who is looking to bring down this industrial copper mine magnate.  While upon arrival he starts to notice that not only W. Hamilton is missing but the locals are missing as well.  The game visually wise is fantastic and when you see the trees move in the wind looks phenomenal.  This is a game you definitely need to keep your eyes open for when it comes out. Keep an eye on GameGravy as we’ll post more news as soon as we get it.



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