Halo 5 First Impressions at Pax East 2015

We all know what time it is when everyone says the word Halo.  343 industries gave us a multiplayer team death match play through to try it and I was very intrigued.  It was a classic Red vs. Blue in a pretty small map where power weapons spawn in places where your than likely to be picked off by another player.  Graphically wise is still Halo and judging by how far out they are from the release date its really impressive.  The one thing that bothered me was when you jumped it seemed to take forever to fall to the ground.  There was one gun that broke apart when you looked down the lens which looked amazing how easy it transformed to and out of the lens.  You are also able to climb on ledges if your body is halfway above the ledge which is a cool feature and I cant wait to get more in depth with the game when it releases later this year.


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